Web applications are used to create dynamic websites that are combined with server-side programming like easy interactive features, connecting with the back-end database, effective results to browsers. Online banking, social networking, ticket reservation online, e-commerce and shopping apps, online games, training, blogs, CMS and much more.

There are basically two categories of coding, scripting, and programming for the formation of web applications namely:
Client Side Coding –Client-side scripting means coding which is interpreted by the browser. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery etc. are some of the technologies used in client-side scripting.
Server Side Coding – Server-side scripting means coding that is interpreted by the server. PHP, Zend, ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion etc. are amongst the most preferred technologies for server-side scripting. This coding is not accessible to the general public or any user.
Benefits of Web Application Software
Web applications serve a lot of benefits such as, they do not require separate installation and updating. This helps business organization greatly in terms of time-saving in administrating work. It is also preferable for users, who uses more than one device, as all their data is easily accessible on multiple computers. Additionally, there are several other highlighting benefits that you may go through:
A user can work with flexibility while sitting anywhere and anytime as web-based software can be accessed with merely connecting to the internet. It is a major benefit for productivity.
As it is web-based, so it is compatible with all devices.
Users are not required to install or update the software. This software always remains update.
Easy to add more license in less time as web-based software. It also results in free from installations and configurations on every computer or laptop.
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